Sonet Investment

Sony invests in Aeria games, the leading publisher for free online games and MMORPG SANTA CLARA, California 19.04.2012: Sony Entertainment supports the Publisher for free MMORPG and free online role play Aeria games financially, so as further to accelerate expansion of the company in the gaming industry. The platform is Aeria games, free to play MMORPG. With over 40 million registered users, the company is one of the world’s leading providers of free-to-play entertainment. Every month, the community of publishers is growing to another million of registered players. With over 300 employees and more than 30 free online games, also the company belongs to one of the largest within the gaming industry. The Sony service provider so-NET is now the second largest investor by Aeria games with more than 4 million customers NHN. So-net is also both largest shareholder of DeNA, as owners of Gamepot, a Japanese publisher company in the gaming area. Aeria games advanced his offer, which consisted primarily of MMORPG and browser games and entered the market for mobile games for the first time in March of this year.

Four new games are available for the users of tablets and Smartphones, and the product is expected to grow steadily. We hot so-net Entertainment Corporation as a strategic partner welcome and look forward to the gemeinse cooperation and global expansion with this digital companies”, says LAN Hoang, CEO of Aeria games. Rapid growth and good work enable us to the cooperation with such an undertaking. We are pleased to be working with so-net and are confident to be able to optimize our gaming services for the user in this way and to secure new exciting content.” About Aeria games: Ngo, two former students of at Stanford was founded in 2006 the Aeria games & Entertainment Inc. by Hoang and Terry University. Hoang worked a long time in Japan and visited NGO often in the San Francisco Bay area. Both watched the Internet boom Entrepreneurs very exactly and put it down, such as the Web transformed many companies.

At the same time, they noticed a gap in the range of the network: the free option for all users access to high-quality online games to get with the option to pay virtual tools. Filling that gap meant the birth of the new company, which operates from North of Latin America almost all over the world to Europe. In contrast to Zynga, which focuses exclusively on Facebook player, hardcore gamers are the main target group of Aeria games & Entertainment Inc. Many action games, MMORPG, OnlineShooter, real time strategy make as diverse and attractive offer for the Hardcoregamer games or Racinggames.