Wedding Gift

The second wedding anniversary – it's quiet time. After all, it is no secret that the crisis dates psychologists believe the 1 st and 7 th anniversary, and 2-me – it's just the time of stabilization of relations. So there is reason to enjoy, celebrate and think about how to make life better. A guest is a good occasion to please his family an interesting gift. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harold Ford, New York City has to say. Incidentally, the second wedding anniversary is called the "paper marriage". The first and mandatory of gifts today will be a beautiful postcard.

It is desirable that it was made with his own hands, was unique. Remember, it was fun to make application to the tutorial work at school and try to pass this joy to the heroes of today. You can congratulate the family a pair of "large-format": instead of cards to make a congratulatory shield on their street or Desktop for their home. Large firms are engaged in printing, no problem "draw" a greeting that will let a few more "Normal" cards, but the joy and delight will cause a lot more. On this day especially relevant to the original greeting, as you write his name on the paper! Therefore, try to compose a short "poem", where you are verses tell us how every day, both spouses were becoming happier, and you are happy for them. Apply for his work in the form of a scroll or a small book and chant as a greeting or toast. Please be assured that such "treatment" will be remembered for a long time, and spouses and guests.