State Interests

The ones in charge to provide security are not making their task of correct way, since corrupted by the thirst of the power they have become of the fat view, the citizens no longer create in any political leader because they are realizing of which simply they watch his interests and is by which they are acting, making marches and pronouncing itself of diverse forms to be listened realizing that of another form has not been possible and this to only finish as always, repressed, and is there where if the force is exerted against those who wants to be listened to but not against those who are becoming ill nation, the elections every time are dirtier and doubtful, the freedom that assumes enjoys each us is being upset by the lack of security a universal right that even this within the Letter of the Fundamental Human rights, the leader chosen to take the reins of the country seems not to have but minimum idea of how it is governed a country and has not made anything gain the legitimacy, rather seems that it is worth bledo to him and it insists on demonstrating us that cannot, his way is using the force, putting to I exercise in the streets so that nevertheless takes care of they themselves to us are the one who have been united to the delinquents since the State does not provide to them either to them with the necessary one to live. The disinformation on the part of the citizens helps to a large extent the circus has mounted the government, lately only it interests to us to know who walks with who, in which I finish the novel and that gained reality show, I do not say that this evil, after all people need a relief all the sweepings which we see in the streets nevertheless already was to us of the hand, not us it really interests to know if in the reporters of television they really say the truth to us, after all are handsome the conductors or simply by flojera or disinterestedness we remained and so they give us even knowing that this information is in certain distorted form to protect the interests of the government and in full knowledge that the present society is in force by the television, thus is, the children are educated by this, they have left of side the coexistence and the tact by an object that many consider part important of the family, we have become the Simpson, is not strange to me to know that in the mountain range people live with extreme poverty, as soon as they have the necessary thing in order to survive and not even they have the services basic as the potable water and the light but have a television. .