Time ago companies chose the best employee in each sector to ascend to the immediate charge and a team of staff is delivered to his Office. To be Chief was required to be faithful, serious, rigid, hard, silent that it is interested in work and if possible that you had or acted with dog Bulldog face, reality was proving that many times was lost to the best employee and covered the vacancy of supervision with someone inappropriate. But everything changed, now we know that to get our employees to do, it is necessary to generate an excellent work environment, implement a policy of engagement, and achieve a style of team work, supported by a supervisor who grow to his subordinates who teach, train, set objectives, to evaluate the performance and correct on the fly. Ultimately that is a true master since it is proven that only the objectives are achieved, when all the employees point to the same purpose, a supervisor should not replace which does not, monitor is that all are involved and Hagan, that is its fundamental mission. Individualities era has already passed, no one imagines is today an operation in an operating room if there is a team, not a trip to the moon with astronauts estranged because they have different optics and come from totally different cultures and countries.

Any company for air navigation despacharia an aircraft to an international journey where the pilot and co-pilot are not spoken and which neither transfer their experience or knowledge so that each of them has penned, the key of his own skill. Only companies that have a policy and style of proactive monitoring are what stand out, have winning teams; those that follow with the image of the header with dog Bulldog attitude achieved up to the limit that fear imposes on them, but when the dog turns each does what he wants. Deciding to build team directed professionally, you will be the more amazed, work groups need to address, need to have leaders, happens in the countries, let us make an excellent leadership and We obtain the same junior incredible results. Do you achieve:? Lift the team’s morale by stimulating an attitude positive for work? Do teach employees to do his job well with satisfaction? Increase the effectiveness and the production of each employee? Lower production costs?