The Business Of Obesity

Obesity, as everyone knows, is reaching global epidemic dimensions: in Europe, for example, has tripled in the past 20 years. In Spain, according to the ENS (national health survey) of the year 2006, 37.8 per cent of adults and 30% of children and young people suffer an overweight, and a 15.6% and 13.9%, respectively, obesity. The health problems posed by these figures are easy to imagine. Large number of people who are obese or overweight are trying to put an end to their situation, either by health problems, aesthetic, of self-esteem, or a mixture of them. That works largely loved by our society beauty patterns.

The problem is that many of these people, driven by anguish and the objective difficulty of the endeavor, are victims of people or companies that join his pursuit of profit an evident lack of scruples. Thus, for example, a recent survey of Consumer Eroski has revealed that 80% of people trying to lose weight using products and methods miracle (without scientific evidence of its usefulness), compared to just 6% who go to the doctor or specialist. These figures, along with the previous ones, concerning the spread of obesity, make huge business: it is estimated that every obese which deals with weight loss is left around 60 euros per month in an attempt to. The legislation aims to protect health and consumer Pocket though, as often happens in these cases, can be ignored with almost absolute impunity. Royal Decree 1907/96 prohibits, inter alia, use of certain substances for slimming (diuretics, laxatives, thyroid hormones, anorectics, psychotropics,). Also prohibited certain advertising practices, such as the testimony of people who have lost weight without difficulty or the image of health (real or not) that guarantee the result. However, these rules are hardly followed. There are hundreds of products and miraculous treatments, some of which could be harmful.

The American FDA, for example, alert 25 dangerous products for health are advertised on TV, Internet, magazines and some herbal remedies are available. But the effects of products and treatments miracle does not affect us only to Pocket and, perhaps, to health. There is another very important damage, which is not always taken into account, and the confidence in ourselves and our own forces in dealing with the problem. After trying five infallible diets, three products with absolutely demonstrable results and have gone to two specialized clinics, and everything to always obtain the same result (first loses weight and then recovers), who have forces and encouragement to keep trying? Who can continue believing in himself? The answer lies in health education, which is the basis to acquire correct habits in food and physical exercise. This education will also make that we reject the products and treatments miracle to go to serious professionals, based their treatments in the conclusions of science. There are no miracles to fight obesity, but yes can get reasonable results in permanently if we orient our efforts appropriately.