“Birth Abroad”

Medical service "birth abroad" is becoming more popular among the inhabitants of the cis countries. This kind of medical services could well afford to representatives of the middle class living in the former Soviet space. Some people believe that to give birth in foreign clinics – based on medical grounds, comfortable and prestigious. In addition, some countries such as usa, Canada, Argentina, Malaysia provides the children born in their territory, their citizenship, which for many is an added incentive to give birth in another country. Childbirth Without Borders: the pros 'Commercial' birth in modest by the standards of the cis, the maternity hospital, of course, you can organize and residence expectant mother (especially in big cities) – to contract for management of pregnancy and childbirth, and that includes private room, and the presence of her husband and relatives, and certain psychological comfort, but all this must be provided and specify in advance. Practice shows that many of the items related primarily to maintenance and service and are considered to be in our medicine "trifles" are not executed. The reason lies in that the whole system of obstetric care in the cis in its essence remains the "Soviet", with its traditions and attitudes toward women, especially those who are "over 30". For these women there is a special terminology – "Age", or ", which remained from the Soviet health system and determines the communication style of medical personnel and the principles of obstetric care. In the countries of Europe, most women give birth not earlier than 30, so in obstetrics has accumulated vast experience in conducting such delivery.