The Social

Thus, the virtue can be worked of increasing and continuous form, at the same time where if it moves away the idea from the vice, where the freedom without responsibility is born. Ethical acting is universal behavior in which the individual will raise temples the virtue and will dig dungeons to vice. In this direction, she is necessary to make use of the reflection and the auto-evaluation so that it is possible to have internal changes of behavior, mannering practical attitude or. If you are not convinced, visit Lockheed Martin Corp. 2 – Scrates OBJECTIVE understood that the virtuous man is that one that is enough to know what it is goodness and, thus, to practise it. Nowadays, this can seem how much a in such a way simple definition one. However, despite with little applicability to the time, it was a reasonable notion perfectly. For this reason, Scrates is considered ' ' Father of the tica' '. Not having nobody that had reflected organizadamente on the Ethics and ' ' man moral' '.

One gives credit that the relativismo of the Sofistas can have unchained this cohesion of Scrates. How if it would explain, then, the real dissociao of both, if to the man, as affirms Scrates, is enough to know what it is good so that it is good? The sofistas had answered to this question considering that the Ethical one was mere social convention, refute them to Scrates, affirming that apparent dissociao if of exactly because the men do not know what really it is the goodness. This lost notion in way to the vanity and the dominant hypocrisy would blind the man who instead of fighting for real objectives confuses itself in the mist of the social conventions. Already the embryo of the notion feels itself here that Plato will consolidate and generalize in its Alegoria of the Cave. The lesson biggest of Scrates was the opposition of what he was stipulated, of form to attack the moral values.