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Good Philosophy

In Rousseau, the fifth chapter of Emilio is marked by the construction of a knowledge that empties the possibility of the woman to think. According to it, ‘ ‘ they must learn many things, but only those that saber’ agrees them; ‘. For Nietzsche, in Beyond the Good and of the Evil: ‘ ‘ The […]

The Social

Thus, the virtue can be worked of increasing and continuous form, at the same time where if it moves away the idea from the vice, where the freedom without responsibility is born. Ethical acting is universal behavior in which the individual will raise temples the virtue and will dig dungeons to vice. In this direction, […]


The social recognition of the women as ' ' beings pensantes' ' it was and it continues being a challenge for the balance in the sort relations. As much in the pertaining to school contents as in the curricular gratings of the universities is clear the content absence that deal with the women while philosophers […]


The associativismo developed in the religious communities of periphery for the churches and institutions with emphasis in those of evanglico matrix (pentecostal), fulfills a paper of great social relevance in the balance of the social tensions with origin in the poverty and in the misery spread in ample parcels of the society. As if it […]

Eduardo VI

Moored to a wagon, they would have to be chicoteados until it gushed out blood of the coasts and debtors to swear that they would return to the place from birth (' ' you put himself you labour' '). t to be quoted properly. Plus some years and this law &#039 was considered; ' suave' […]

Italy Naples

He is a philosopher who exactly 2,500 years after its disappearance, still valley the penalty to be studied. The eletica school the eletica school received this name for being originary of Elia, region of next Italy Naples. This school of thought was developed parallel to the Pythagorean school and in common has with this the […]

First Discovery

For the sertanejos the cangaceiro rare is a criminal, therefore they steal of the rich ones to distribute for the poor persons. The drama of the droughts marks, in such a way, deeply the mentality of the people sertanejo. is these feelings that decisively influence in the behavior of the people northeastern, and this fight […]

For Marx

The conscience taking of that under gide of the Capital the work is not the accomplishment of the man, but its desrealizao, is not mote that it stimulates Lester to react against its head and imposes it conditions so that if accomplishes its less destructive resignation; however, it is the form as the worker can […]

Its Majesty

The freedom of speaking or thinking age exclusiveness of the patriarch. As much in the small agricultural feudal as in the bashful urban nucleus the patriarcal authoritarianism dictated the rules of behavior and until the social label. If an authority or a prominent figure of the society visited the farm and was to sleep, the […]

Nietzsche Human

INTERIOR ENEMIES (Adapted of the Human, Too much Human workmanship.) The Christianity fold that the man is conceived and been born in the sin. Donald Gordon Philanthropys opinions are not widely known. Therefore, the biggest sin of the man is to have been born. We can understand that for the sectrias and pessimistic religions, the […]