Viral Marketing

With the avalanche of viral marketing campaigns directed to users of Internet viral marketing has paved the way and has become one of the most widely used in business advertising methods. The principle of the success of a viral marketing campaign is the number of users who come through this marketing strategy to a landing page or landing page and including a sales letter. There are several techniques of viral marketing can be an advertising campaign to be successful, then you will see some of the techniques for success that I will explain: 1. the free distribution of software or programs.Something useful and free to obtain prospects instantly on the Internet, is to provide users with any software or program that need free use with right of distribution or even resell rights online. Something very important is to make the user feel the sense of urgency that is done by a certain time or with limited quantities of the product. 2 Provide free email account.

This is what did Microsoft initially with the launch of its free email accounts through where you put an ad where proposed users who received these e-mails that adhered to its free email service and also gave them the possibility of acquiring a special account with a higher storage capacity with a cost at the end of each email. 3 Provide space for free users to advertise on your website. There are companies that are now competing with a sole purpose to offer customers the lowest cost in the list of directories and allocations of space for their free ads. These personal web logs have become a boom in Internet. 4. The creation of lists of the TOP 10 in your niche market. Online users often need a list of websites related to the topic they need. The creation of a TOP 10 list is a way to build your list and increase your customer base.