Although thousands of stories about how without significant labor people achieve serious results, suggest that there are alternatives. Hot now installed on autonomy, in principle, deprived of any opportunity for development. A person signs himself on the independent exercise of functions, most of which could be completely painless to share with family, friends, colleagues, relevant services and authorities. Life, more and more complicated, fewer assistants, ways to simplify and streamline the many processes are seen less and less, but on the other hand, more and more things done independently. The image corresponds to reality.

Only the efficiency is zero and the forces already there. Treachery mental facilities in the fact that the mind we can understand that it would be nice to do things differently, but it does not work. A does not work because the installation are deep, they are generated over the years and went into the subconscious (ie, no longer understood as trust and relevance, as if forgotten). For example, doing something I no longer put task to do it completely independently, would be happy to delegate some tasks, but it prevents: people need to not close or do everything so much better himself. Everything happens as if, not because I decided – to do everything myself, and circumstances force. Again come to the conclusion that we must do everything yourself. Everything goes in circles, fixed installation, the circumstances are worsening. Life principles, systems, stereotypes, attitudes, opinions – in a word mental setup – it's all filters that screen out those events, situations, people, etc., in life, they do not match.

In the mind can not be two systems, mutually exclusive. Operates only one that lingers in the deeper subconscious. Therefore, the fact of awareness of the availability of such a barrier in the mind of small, yet important, and the depth of that understanding, his detail. There is a hint, how to identify these same settings. If something with a reasonable degree regularly occur in life, it means that this event is the installation. Realizing this, we must calmly and without emotion to admit that yes, it's me in my time so decided, and pulled her into my life a whole series of related events (you can even praise yourself for it, because If tempted to compete with each other and this is now unnecessary mental setting, it will only get worse). Taken at 100% with the status quo, and then only when it is feeling relief, to replace an inefficient installation in the opposite direction. Then the better, generally, get rid of the plants on the situation, but that is another question.