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Price Equivalence

What is the cost, and how it formed? Generally, if very briefly, the problem is solved quite simply. Others including Ben Silbermann, offer their opinions as well. All markets at all times in its development of new and vibrational returns to equilibrium when the demand for goods is balanced by his suggestion at the price […]


Although thousands of stories about how without significant labor people achieve serious results, suggest that there are alternatives. Hot now installed on autonomy, in principle, deprived of any opportunity for development. A person signs himself on the independent exercise of functions, most of which could be completely painless to share with family, friends, colleagues, relevant […]


I go to give some basic tips that go to help you to improve its seduction technique while you try to reach the perfection (all we try in them): It knows to be dressed: this is a basic rule that starts before you leaving house, as you present yourself you make complete difference in the […]

Emotional Aspects Partner

When dealing with this subject it is perceivable implications how much to the envolvement of people, who present the superendowment or high abilities, in the familiar, pertaining to school relationships, in the acceptance of its talent and the development of its potentialities. Some characteristics for the recognition of the superendowed picture of are displayed in […]

Busse Amp

In the aging, dficits in the neuropsicolgicas tasks of the episdica memory and the CE occurs, mainly, associates to the reduction in the processing of the information, in the atencionais processes, the inibitrios processes and cognitiva flexibility (Grady & Craik, 2000; Green, 2000; Woodruff-Pak, 1997). Explanation for these cognitivas alterations associates to the aging has […]

Pablo Freire

According to Pablo Freire (1979, p.63): All these characteristics of the relations that the man stops with and in its reality make of these relations something consequence. In the truth it is not depleted in the mere passivity. Creating and recriando, combining itself in the conditions of its context, answering to the challenges, auto-objectifying, discerning, […]

The Truth

Estudoprofundo of we ourselves in will give the mathematical evidence to them for which ficaremoscertos, if in our thought it has some thing that has different principle denossas laws or if they are only manifestations and combinations of these same laws, enos it will teach the true job of the directions and the reflection. The […]

Marketing Madness

Premiere of the documentary "Marketing Madness" was held in Yekaterinburg, at Lenin Avenue, 20 in the exhibition "Psychiatry: Industry of Death" 21 December 2010. At the premiere was attended by chief psychiatrist of Yekaterinburg Teplyakov Boris, Professor of philosophy, cultural studies and bioethics, Ural State Medical Academy Knyazev Valentin and other experts. "The film is […]