Civil War

My father was extroverted and by means of friendly and of those of his friendly, and of the certain military, he secured permissions of wood operation. What is the same, the government had given in concession by certain years forests him carpenters. He extended with his brother the Transports of Akinn load and mounted in site his own sawmill. Finished the war, Spain yielded those and other mountainous areas to the Moors, and the business along with properties and others disappeared in a single day. Apparently he was something cyclical.

My father My father who has it to God in his glory, knew the loss and the pain the seven years, to that early age as I said to them, was orphaned of father. As a child it had to leave games, friendly and studies, and to become position of the family, although it had been born in wedge formation from gold, with the death of the father and the lack of a man who defended his interests, saw how overnight changes arose which it saw almost impossible to adapt. To transmit all their suffering to them is besides tedious, something that is not just, but to try to happen through high something so violent, would not make justice father nor to its way to be. It was born in year eighteen; like thirty years later it touched to me, were years military and postwar period. It overcame diseases, needs hunger and stumbling blocks, it advanced as it could and it arrived at the age of recruitment. One graduated like man when fulfilling its eighteen years when entering the army during the Civil War of Spain. To be Jewish in that full Spain of been mistaken but enquistados and entangled religious hatreds was a full timbre of ties in military aspects.