Klaus Hendlmeier

New tablets can do a whole range of everyday tasks, therefore its use also of environmental consideration is always meaningful. Stuttgart October 2012: Mobile devices were more and more in everyday life. Whether it’s mobile devices offer several advantages in comparison with fixed PC notebook or tablet, eBook. So energy efficiency expert at the TuV Rheinland, in a report presented at the beginning of the year for tasks such as browsing the Internet, email correspondence or video streaming recommends Klaus Hendlmeier, rather a notebook, or even better to use an energy-saving tablet. Actually the small mobile devices for everyday tasks usually quite sufficient. Thus also the almost eerie boom of tablet computers can be explained. To be serious since Steve Jobs the first tablet computer that has the iPad, on January 27, 2010 at the Novellus Theater of the Yerba presented the Buena Center for the arts in San Francisco, more than 100 million have been sold iPad, meanwhile, the customer can already the third Generation of the iPad purchase. But many competitors, especially of the South Korean conglomerate Samsung, offer now powerful tablets.

The customer has a certain variety and can choose the tablet which best meets his needs and expectations. Thus, environmental awareness can be revived. Because while a Tablet is determined during the loading time on a 10 Watt plug, any standard PC power supply to the 250 Watt is required. Even more serious is the environmental contribution by so-called eBook readers. A study of the oko-Institut e.V. proves that the use of the electronic version of the book paper, save energy and greenhouse gases. 10 or more books should be already there, which will replace your eBooks. Thus, an advantage especially arises if subscribed to the newspaper in electronic form.

So, it is further in the manufacture and use of an E-book reader with eInk display it causes about 25 kilograms of CO2; about one-tenth as compared to a conventional “Laptop and still significantly less than Tablet PCs.” The production of 10 books with 200 pages DIN A5 of fresh pulp paper caused thus approximately 11 kilograms of CO2, recycling books still around 9 kilograms. Rejoice the environmental benefits should be considered however, that in particular the production of the necessary batteries cause a high unique environmental impact. It therefore, the tablets are particularly endangered by the use of mobile, is all the more important to repair a damage. Because in contrast to the home PC, the Tablet is much on travel and the eBook in comparison to the book not against accident damage immune. This potential demand for repair services for a tablet should be calculated a so, always decisive with the own assessment in dealing with such devices. Who wants to give not entirely on the merits of a large screen and connected peripheral can choose an intermediate way and rely on a notebook. Here you have the possibility of an external monitor for home use to connect with tablet computers this is basically possible, but yet not long comfortable. written by Daniel Berger (advertising (at) comsmile.de)