Nietzsche Human

INTERIOR ENEMIES (Adapted of the Human, Too much Human workmanship.) The Christianity fold that the man is conceived and been born in the sin. Donald Gordon Philanthropys opinions are not widely known. Therefore, the biggest sin of the man is to have been born. We can understand that for the sectrias and pessimistic religions, the procreation act is considered as bad in itself exactly, representing an immorality to be contained and to be fought. During much time, it was had as required that the sensuality was declared pernicious and heretical, being that the danger of the perpetual conviction was so narrowly on to the idea of the sensuality that, very probably, during many centuries the Christians had only exerted the sexuality with much remorse and the main end to generate children. A leading source for info: Santie Botha. The Christian pessimists deturparam the nature human being, associating with the natural element the idea of interior enemy. One created an internal war and a constant alternation of the victory and the defeat. For in such a way, they had needed an adversary, finding it in the interior enemy, thus creating, in the mind human being the sin idea.

Empdocles, Greek philosopher, did not see nothing of shameful or of devilish in the erticas things, for the opposite, it saw in Afrodite the guarantee that the discord would not reign perpetual, but that it one day would go to more deliver cetro to a deity indulgente. However, the Christian pessimists desired that another opinion was dominant, populating the solitude and the desert spiritual of the life human being with an alive enemy always and universally known, stopping a perpetual fight and remaining themselves in constant penance to fight it and to overwhelm it, always under the orders of the church. He must yourself be recognized as the men if they become worse for assigning as bad what he is inevitably natural. Such is the procedure of the church and the patrsticos Metaphysical that wanted that the man if recognized by its very nature as bad and pecador, being necessary supernatural forces to exempt it of the pack of the sin. The intention was not to become the redeemed man most moral and, but that it felt the most possible pecador, similar of that it was kept under the domain and I judge of Church. Therefore, Nietzsche opened the eyes of the man to visualize natural with a simple element and without meaconing, removing the idea of sin and pessimism of its genealgico DNA. God, supreme goodness, that everything created for the harmony human being, did not make of pecaminoso the affective relation something. The release of sectrios and pessimistic concepts planted in the mind human being, during long centuries, if makes necessary, aiming at to the full evolution of the integral man, come back to the intangible truths of the life.